2023 in Review

2023 was simultaneously one of the best and worst years of my life. It held challenges I haven't encountered before, business and personal. It had a lot of love and reflection as well. I have a lot of clear business goals going into 2024. I'm reaching for the growth I've so desperately needed, and I have relationships that I want to put into the forefront of my life moving forward.

I think one of the hardest things about doing this job is that we are constantly experiencing other peoples personal relationships but are expected to give up our own to edit or work. So the balance is going to happen in 2024 so that I never feel like I have to choose. I love my job and my work, but I have spent so much time on other peoples stories I haven't been able to focus on my own. Which is why I'm limiting weddings going into 2025. I can focus on my life and put in as much focus on the clients I have without overwhelming myself or putting strain on my personal life. (Theres more text...)

In 2023 I did a lot of really cool things. I was kissed by an opossum at an elopement. I met my boyfriend. I went to multiple new places (Scotland, Wyoming, Portugal, Maine, etc), I figured out my food allergies and my body is finally starting to heal and feel better, I realized I needed to actually hire someone to do my branding and website if I wanted to reach a certain level (shoutout to Sullivan and Sullivan - can't wait for it all to be ready), I held one of my favorite retreats yet, I got to see and work with so many of my friends that I rarely see, rescued a few animals, etc etc. The year was really terrific and terrible, but mostly terrific.

Going into 2024 I have really clear boundaries and goals. In general just finding myself again within my work.

-Remembering the artistry and finding my roots in photography again.

-Taking more risks. Releasing some control to my seconds so that I can focus more on creating.

-Putting more effort into Patreon and providing a solid education to people.

-Saying no to things that don't align with my vision / feelings.

-Taking control of my business again and pushing it into what I've always dreamed for it.

I am excited for the new year. I'm excited about the years to come and in creating more artwork for my clients. I am also very excited about my personal life for once. Thankful for 2023 even if it was a hard year in a lot of ways. Please remember I still have around 10 weddings to edit from the year, so I can only add the previews from those!

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