Yosemite National Park Engagement Session

Bethany and Spencer’s Yosemite Engagement Session by Los Angeles Wedding Photographer Brandi Potter

Looking back through these photos has given me so much nostalgia. I miss Yosemite. I miss the valley and the way it just goes on and on. I miss the cliffs. I miss sitting in under El Cap staring up at it in amazement. This was the trip that made me change my mind about moving to Seattle. It made me realize that I NEEDED California in my life more, because it has always felt like home to me. Yosemite National Park is magic. Pure and simple.

It’s just as magical as seeing Bethany and Spencer together. I love watching them interact. I love watching them love on one another and seeing them run around. To know that love like that exists (and that Yosemite exists) is honestly all I need to be happy.

This shoot was really fun and it was great getting to experience this amazing place with them and my friends. I will always look back at their engagement photos with fond memories as my first trip into the most amazing park in the country.

P.S. This is the 4th part of this engagement session you can view one, two, and three by clicking the numbers.

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