Los Angeles Wedding Session

This Los Angeles Wedding Session was two and a half years in the making. We originally scheduled to do their wedding portraits in early 2020. The week it was scheduled is the week that lockdown started and we unfortunately had to reschedule, because of that. So we pushed it back to October when I would be back in southern California for the month, and ended up having to reschedule due to an accident. We finally got to meet up in August of 2022. It was worth the wait.

They were married a few years before our shoot, but only had a very small ceremony. This ended up being more of an anniversary session since we had to reschedule so many times, but I'm definitely still counting it as their wedding portraits.

We met up at a rented house (their peerspace is: here) and it was everything I want out of a location. It had beautiful colors throughout the house that reflect well on peoples skin, and so many fun and unique elements throughout the home. It's definitely worth renting if you're looking for a shoot location in Los Angeles. If you check their peerspace people like Orlando Bloom, Pedro Pascal, and Shay Mitchell have all been photographed there. Which I think is pretty cool.

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