Studio Styled Wedding Session

What happens when you get an idea in your head, and start hitting up every person you know for tree branches. Then once you find the branches you have to somehow get them all into your car, without breaking them, and then drag them up some very tall stairs to your studio. Once you have them in your studio, you then have to figure out how to arrange them so they stand up correctly and without falling over. All while not adding too much to the base. It was a bit complicated to be honest, but the payoff was worth it. Especially since AFTER the shoot we had to clean up and take the branches back downstairs and put them back into the car.

The shoot was just for fun. I think it's so important to keep learning and doing things for fun when you do something you love as a job. That's the entire reason I took on a studio space with some friends here in Louisville, so I would have a place to play (and do my KY sessions). I love doing sets like this, and I think allowing my brain to create in a safe environment like this will really help expand my creativity this year.

Thank you to Em and Tyler for modeling for me. And thank you to Lila for helping me gather branches and carrying them throughout the studio building.

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