How I Work

There's no recipe. There are no rules. Your day should play out joyfully and organically. Some couples want to be disco balls, some want to be a renaissance still-life, while still others want to run through the field on a moonlit night howling at the future. I want to make work that shows who you are.

Your job? Be open to the unexpected. Be present to your day's unfolding.

Our work together begins long before I grab a camera. We'll embark on an immersive and collaborative process filled with moodboards, bomb music videos, cinema, and old Dutch master paintings. We'll be co-creators in a shared vision that will breathe life into the art we create together. Forget the staged and mundane; your story will be curated with an eye for the iconic.

Weddings & Elopements

I see your wedding day not just as a series of events, but as art in motion. It's in the profound and the subtle—the firm handholds, the covert glances, the warmth of embraces from those you hold dear, and the meticulous details that make your day uniquely yours. These aren't just moments; they're pieces of a carefully curated art collection. I want to photograph your wedding in its true essence, showcasing the genuine, the unscripted, and more than anything, just the vibe. I want your photos to look like your day felt.

Custom-tailored collections include collaborative timeline planning, mood and vision board, wedding day photography, as well as options for an engagement session, film photography, additional event coverage, pre or post wedding editorials, videography, and whatever final deliverables your romantic heart desires.

Working with Brandi completely changed the course of my wedding because she was with me for every step.

It wasn’t just about showing up to photograph the event. We aligned on my aesthetic goals early, and she was always there for me, no matter how inane the question. Whether we were mulling over florals or outfits or table setups, Brandi knew exactly what to do in order to achieve the vibe. I felt significantly more confident in my choices because of Brandi’s input.

Brandi was with us all weekend, and I was so glad to have her there. She made sure everything ran smoothly and that we got all of the shots that were important to us. She also did a great job of going with the flow and being opportunistic with our amazing portraits. She had us quickly take a few photos during golden hour immediately before our ceremony, and they ended up being some of the best shots of the weekend. Completely unplanned and took less than five minutes, but she knew exactly what to do. Having Brandi photograph our wedding was such a gift. Not only do we have an album of art gallery quality work, but we’re also lucky enough to call such a talented soul a friend. I cannot recommend working with Brandi enough. I would do it a million times over in a heartbeat because nobody can even touch her creative ability.


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Brandi is professional and caring, and a true artist

As soon as we saw Brandi’s work, we knew she was the photographer for us.  Her style is spirited and beautiful - and appropriately feels like it captures the epic and intimate spark between two people.  Filmic and moody in the way we wanted our engagement and wedding photos to be.  Not staged or stilted, but raw and full of energy.

We had to reschedule our wedding 3 times (!) due to covid, and Brandi was our number one vendor that we had to be sure that she could do our new dates!  She was extremely understanding and worked with us on this - our the course of the two years our wedding was in flux, we really felt like she was loyal and respectful to our original contract when she didn’t have to be (which just speaks so highly to her character and professional nature)!  When our wedding did come around - Brandi was able to feel both present (again, her presence is so calming) but out of the way so the photography did not overpower the actual event.  Her photos captured every moment and detail.  We did not do a first look and Brandi managed to get a beautiful portrait session in, in the very brief amount of time we had between family photos and the reception.  We LOVE every shot!

Kelly and matt,
Los Angeles

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You NEED Brandi Potter to be your wedding photographer.

Not only does her work speak for itself in terms of uniqueness but her work ethic as a master of her craft comes through seamlessly in her work. I have attached just some of our elopement photos to this review but again even with these few pictures you can see how stunning her work is. Google needs more than 5 stars cause that is what Brandi Potter because that's what her photography deserves.


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Love Stories


Get creative. Get weird. Be iconic. Your wedding day has a timeline, places you need to be, people you want to see. Why not put your dress on again a different day, find a bomb location, and create portraits worthy of fashion magazines? Why not pick out a totally different dress and chase the setting sun? Whether you're dreaming of an urban industrial loft, a vintage car parked on the beach with a bottle of champagne, or you and your boo in that dark bar you met at, let's tell your story in a way that will make you look back in a decade and say "damn we look good."

Collections include guidance on locations, art direction, styling, and logistics. Let's be real -- you belong on a gallery wall. Let's make it happen.



I see light in ways others don't. I'm obsessed with every detail. I will elevate your brand's visuals in a way that emotionally resonates with your target audience. Use your images to do more than just show what you offer. Use them to intrigue, inspired, and turn casual observers into lifelong fans.

I specialize in fashion-centric editorials and lookbooks as well as brand photography for entrepreneurs who are tired of same-old same-old imagery. Have a concept in mind? Have a new collection that needs images? Reach out. Let's wow your people.

Cinematic Films


Listen, I'm as down as anyone for a Netflix Christmas movie, but I wouldn't want my wedding film to look like one. Maybe there's a Lana del Ray video you have watched 25 times, or still have that one scene from a Wes Anderson movie playing rent-free in your head non-stop... Your wedding film should have that same artistic eye, that same unexpected quirk, that same deeply real feel as your favorite piece of art. You don't want your story told like a rom-com. Let it be the film d'auteur it deserves to be.



What a time to be alive. No other time in history has photography and business been so accessible. When I first picked up a camera, I was so hungry for information, but all I had available to me was a few dusty books from the 80s at my local library about how to take school portraits. I've created the educational materials I so hungered for when I first started out. No fluff. No unnecessary charts and graphs. Just the good stuff. The info that takes your creative vision to the next level and gives you the tangible tools to execute the photos you want to take.

I want photography education to be accessible to all. Who has time for elitism and cool kids clubs? No thank you. Join a supportive community where we learn how to craft and execute our creative visions.

Whether you're just starting out or you've been in this game for years but are looking for a breath of fresh air, come join us. Let's break stuff, do the weird thing, overcome plateaus, and cultivate a community of artists pursuing their unique vision of the world.


What's next?

I love working with people who want to create next level visuals that pierce beneath the surface. Want to create something beautiful, real, and raw? Next step is to send me a note, tell me your vision, and let's get this party started.